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Maior's Weekly EXP Page Static
Submitted by sam on Mon, 09/25/2006 - 19:38.

Every week we have a static that climbs Riverne Site #B01 to complete a quest for an EXP page. This has been, and always will be, our primary focus. Anyone is invited to attend as we can take as many or as few up as we want.

The one change over the previous weeks is that we're now getting enough people showing up to these that we want to make the option available to do ENM runs as well.

If we have enough people, we will also attempt one of the following ENMs after we have obtained the Rivenwort for the Spice Gals quest:

This means, before heading out to Riverne Site #B01, you should be sure to have the Monarch Beard key item in case we have enough for the ENM.

Note that if we lose the ENM, we do not lose any EXP. Additionally, if we win, we get EXP (around 2500, depending on size of alliance) and possibly very good items.


Well, I'm not on this one yet, and I'm not usually on late enough for it, but these ENMs sound really intriguing.

I am on the Mammet fight, so I have access to Riverne #A01. Would there ever be any interest in doing #A01 instead of #B01 so that those of us not far enough can join in?


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