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Submitted by sam on Fri, 09/15/2006 - 16:52.

Okay, I think we have the static group and time down (thanks to this discussion). So, for Maior's ENM static, here is the plan:

  • When? Sundays 7:30pm EDT (6:30pm CDT, 5:30pm MDT, 4:30pm PDT)
  • Where? Gather together in Jeuno by ENM lady. Teleport from there.
  • What? Ascend and beat Promy-Holla and Promy-Dem for 6k XP per week.
  • Who?
    • Maior
    • Avatarx
    • Dragonlance
    • Slothimus
    • Meretrix
    • Cyclonus

We start this sunday (2006-09-17). We just need to finalize our jobs for this weekend.

Based on our last thread, here are the jobs I propose everyone comes as (discuss if this wont work for you):

  • Maior : NIN/WAR
  • Trix : THF/NIN or NIN/WAR (extra DD and/or back-up tank)
  • Cyclonus : BLM (DD nuker)
  • Dragonlance : BLU or SAM (DD melee)
  • Avatarx : SMN or BLM (DD nuker)
  • Slothimus : WHM (healer, raiser)

I know we all have jobs we can bring, but let's see if we can't get going first before we start juggling job changes and slots in the party.

How does all this sound?

Working blows ass...

Greetings, from CT (man this place blows).

I, unfortunately, am at a client in this hellhole and will be here until 11/10.

Although, I may have visits back to NYC in that time, I will not be at home for entire weekends. In other words, I will not be able to attend the ENM static at our scheduled time.

Since this is an issue for an extended period of time, I thought I would post here and gather your feedback.

There are three alternatives:

1) move the static meeting time to 3PM Eastern through 11/10.

2) I can ask either Xil or Thersty to replace me (and hope they say yes).

3) I can leave the static and you can find a permanent replacement.

Let me know what you all think. It’s very difficult to coordinate this from a remote location, but I will do my best.

I hope Xil and Thersty read this thread!

Oct 22

Thersites can fill in on Sunday Oct 22. Beyond that I'm not sure yet what my weekend schedule will look like.

Shedule for the next few weeks

Okay, well Trix hasn't replied (even though he said he would 4 hours ago), but I know that he wont be able to come the weekend of 10/29. Since I will be gone that weekend as well, and we will have half of our static out of town, I suggest we just cancel it.

So, our schedule will be as follows:

  • Oct. 22nd : Same time as usual - Maior, Trix, Therst, DL, Avax, and Sloth

    We may need to figure out what jobs everyone is going to be since we will be down a nuker.

  • Oct. 29th : CANCELLED
  • Nov. 5th: unsure

The only weekend up in the air now is Nov. 5th, since both Cyc and Trix will be out of town that weekend and we will need two replacements.

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Most sundays I'm free. If I'm not just make sure to ask a few days a head if you need me. I only have BLM RDM SMN and soon WHM at 30+ so ya.

Nov 5th

That's fine.

I know the static is still debating whether or not to have a run on Nov. 5th. In the event that they do decide, are you up for filling in for me? Ideally, you would go as BLM, however SMN may work as well.

6 hours later...

I second everything that Maior says in this comment. Maybe for Nov. 5th we can get both Thirsty and Xildo?



For #1 : That time would work for me, right now the people I'd be worried the most about it not working for are Avax and Trix.

For #2 : That would be fine.

For #3 : Bah! We're talking like 3 weeks! Plus, the weekend of 10/27 I'll be out of town as well, if we cancelled that weekend, we're talking 2 weeks. Silly thing to have you leave the static just because of a 3 week absence.

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How does all this sound?


What kind of sexy?

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What about KABOOM!?

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