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Maior's ENM Static
Submitted by sam on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 20:45.

Well, since Thersite's static dissolved, several of us have been wanting to make a new ENM static. We just haven't decided on a time yet. Also, our membership isn't 100% finalized.

Basically, here is what we want:
* Every week ascend Promy-Dem and Promy-Holla for 6k EXP each from the ENMs.
* Have a 'normal' job we bring to the static, but the possibility of switching roles in the party and bringing other jobs.
* NO DOING PROMY MISSIONS (This is an EXP static, we're not here to help others through the missions).
* NO DOING PROMY-MEA (It's a pain, it isn't worth it).
* NO FARMING ANIMA (For ENM-Dem and ENM-Holla we don't need to).

Last I checked, we had the following people that definitely wanted it:

* Maior (NIN, MNK as prefered jobs- WAR, RNG, SAM as alternatives)
* Avatarx (BST, SMN, NIN, BLM, lots of others)
* Cyclonus (BRD, BLM, maybe others)
* Dragonlance (SAM, BLU, probably others)

Additionally, we had the following people who have mentioned they wanted it, but whose schedules may not be able to gel with everyone else's
* Thersities (between his timezone and his job, coordinating with so many EST/EDT people will be hard for him).
* Dayum (his timezone is even harder to synch up with for EST/EDT persons)
* Slothimus

So, I suggest we use this forum to discuss a possible time that may work for everyone.

Okay, new schedule suggestion

* Maior
* Avatarx
* Cyclonus
* Meretrix
* Dragonlance
* Slothimus

How does Sundays, after my XP page static sound?

So, like Sunday at 7:30pm EDT? How does that work for everyone?

Vis Maior's Journeys

Best times for u do do ENM

Please add to this Post for best times to do ENM...
M-Sun 4:30-5pm PST everyday of the week............
as I work every 3rd weekend........................

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Even though I'm working 8/9am - 5/6pm PST roughly, that's still far too late for most of you. That's equivilent to 8/9pm EST and doesn't include my travel time home. As for the weekends, I can play:

- Saturday or Sunday afternoons between 10am - 5pm PST

That gives me enough time to complete my morning cycling. I generally cycle back-to-back both days at 6am.


Best Times

Best times are Mon,Tues,Thurs, Fri after 7pm CDT, Sunday after 7pm CDT. Most Saturday evenings, but usually 1 weekend per month out of town until Sunday eve.

Maior's best times

Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri: Start 6-7:30pm EDT
Sat: Any time
Sun: Start 7:30-8:pm EDT

Vis Maior's Journeys

Cyc's best times

Friday: 11:30PM EDT or later
Saturday: 5PM EDT or prior
Sunday: Any time

DL's best times

Mon or Wed: 6-7:30pm EDT
Thursday: 5-7pm EDT
Saturday: 5:30pm EDT or prior
Sunday: 7:30pm EDT or prior
^^ Are all start times

So far

Well, here's the group we seem to have so far:
* Maior
* Avatarx
* Slothimus
* Dragonlance
* Cyclonus

We're lacking one from that group, and it looks like it will either be Dayum or Thersites.

We're looking at probably doing these Friday nights (probably too short notice to try tonight).

Anyone want to contact Dayum and/or Thersites and see if Friday nights, late, work for them?

Maybe... Friday 10pm EDT? Too late? Does that work?

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Okay... zoinks

Well, after a flurry of conversations in IRC, it looks like this is our final roster:

* Maior
* Avatarx
* Slothimus
* Dragonlance
* Cyclonus
* Meretrix

We will meet fridays at 10pm EDT.

I wanted to wait and start it next week (short notice) but everyone wants to try tonight. So, we will attempt tonight with the caveat that this may be too short notice.

Vis Maior's Journeys


Okay, fridays don't work... Scratch that.

Fucking schedules....

Vis Maior's Journeys

Friday Ok

I can play on fridays anytime after 6pm pacific (9pm eastern). But tonite is too short notice. What job would you want me to be? Heres the jobs I have over 30: rng, bst, war, mnk, drg, thf, whm, nin. I wouldnt mind putting some exp on my whm if needed, however, i dont yet have the teleport scrolls.

am for Thersites if he's open

I'am open tonight if we can find the 6th...
Summoner lvl75- Avatar Power
Red Mage 67
White M 50
Ninja 47
Paladin 47
Black M 44
Bard 41
Beast 40
Warrior 34

ENM Static

Um... yeah..... I'm in....need I say more?
Wednesday night is best night for me

ENM Static

I can play Tues, Wed, or Friday evenings at 7 EDT. I have WAR, WHM or SMN, and can have MNK to that level relatively soon. I am currently a bachelor, with no immediate romantic interests, so later Friday evenings are wide open...
If your group fills with more experienced players, I understand completely.


Thanks for trying to include me in this, but I'm afraid my schedule will cause too much inconvenience for the east coast players. The earliest I could reliably commit to playing on the week nights would be 9PM Eastern time. I can not commit to playing every weekend either due to real life obligations. The only time you mentioned that would work for me is late Friday nights.

As much as I would like to be a part of this group, I think you will be better off finding a player whos schedule is more in synch with yours. The last thing I want is to have the group stressed out due to trying to accomodate my schedule.

Late fridays

Right now, I think the one with the biggest conflict on Fridays is Cyc. I'll have to double check with him though.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Cops Promies...

Am open everyday... am also good 4:30pm-5:00pm until 10pm pst nightly and later if I dont work the next day... Let me know whn is a good time to do Promies... Job open Nin Brd Rdm Pld Blm Bst Smn... Geared and Ready... Would be willing to do other ENM if we can get 6 ppl need to do the ENM's... Take care...
Summoner lvl75- Avatar Power
Red Mage 66
Ninja 47
Paladin 46
Black M 44
Bard 41
Beast 40
Warrior 34

Days I suggest

Wednesday: 7pm EDT start (any later and Cyc, DL, and myself cannot join. 'We work'.)

If that doesn't work, later on Friday nights or Saturday nights will work for me.

Vis Maior's Journeys

My status - ENM Static

Sorry for the delay in responding - work has been and will be non-stop for quite some time.

Honestly, the best time for me would be Friday nights (late); else Saturday afternoonish.

If that creates a conflict, please go ahead without me. I appreciate the consideration, but don't want to turn this into a "planfest" and rob folks who can attend of EXP.

How late on Friday's

I know you have said 'late on Fridays' before to other events, Cyclonus (though I cannot actually recall precisely the last one you said this for). How late is 'late' for you? I generally play till rather late on weekends - often still online at 1 a.m. early the next morning, on the east coast.

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