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2006-08-26 Weekly EXP page static
Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/21/2006 - 17:57.
  • When: Sunday, Aug. 27th, 2006 @ 6pm EDT
  • Where: {Gather Together} in Tavnazian Safehold with the pre-reqs done
  • Why: To get Pages from Miratete's Memoirs which grant EXP
  • How long: Last week it took around 2.5 hours. As we get better, this should take less than an hour.

There's two aspects of this EXP page thang. You should be on or past CoP 4-2: The Savage, or otherwise have access to Riverne - Site #B01 to be able to participate in this static. You also have to have at least started the San d'Orian quest Spice Gals.

Last week, we farmed 2 scales. So we can immediately take everyone who is on or past the quest "Spice Gals" back to the island to obtain the quest item. This will be the official end of the static and everyone will be rewarded one EXP page from the quest.

The second aspect of this static is the un-official part. You should be on or past CoP 4-3: The Secrets of Worship, or otherwise have access to Sacrarium to participate in this. You also have to have at least started the next quest after Spice Gals, the Tavnazia quest Secrets of Ovens Lost.

This un-official part can be soloed, but those wishing to do it as a group can. This part involves sneaking into Sacrarium and finding a ??? inside one of the libraries. This part should not involve any fighting. People participating in this part should have the lowest form of fomor hate possible so they will only need to sneak past the bones and slimes in the first part of the zone.

These two quests grant pages from Miratete's Memoirs, which give 700-1500 EXP each.

Fomor hate levels

(Elvaan on top floor of Tavnazian Safehold)

Level 1 Fomor hate:
"You still have a farily good head start, but they will not let up until they have found you and filled your heart with poison and pain."

Level 2 Fomor hate:
"They are close... It is only a matter of time before you have fallen within their reach."

Level 3 Fomor hate:
"Can you not feel the hands that reach up from the bottomless depths of hell? Can you not feel the gaze of a thousand eyes, glowing red with anger and hate?"

Level 4 Fomor hate:
"The grip of evil is tightening on the very essence of what makes you who you are. Be forewarned, as it will not be long before you are confronted with a battle for more than just your life."

Level 5 Fomor hate:
Same saying as Level 4; but now you have enough hate to spawn one of the 'Swift Belt' NM's. The only way to tell is by examining the Stale Draft in Sacrarium: "Your common sense tells you to leave as quickly as possible"

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