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Submitted by Darkkit on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 17:10.

Hello I would like to start a static and would like to know what other people would be interested in doing.

EXP Static: Bring a job you want to lvl and we will get a party going to lvl it. I would like all 6 people to be from the LS but barring that we can always get one or two people on the fly. We can start at almost any level but would prefer at least lvl 30+.

Promy Static: Well it will be the same as any other Promy static. Level 30 jobs, Holla and Dem once a week. Any jobs welcome but we still need a balanced party to win. Maior has posted a great guide to doing Promy's so if you have not read it please do.

ENM Static: This static is for people that want to do any of the ENM's other than the Promy's. It is sometimes a bit harder to find people that can do these but I did not want to leave anything out. I really like doing ENM's because the drops can be very good and we get XP for winning. Sometimes these can be labor and money intensive as the climbs can be tough.

Please post if you are interested in any or all of these as I would really like to get something started. Post times, days, and Jobs with levels and put what you are interested in.



WOW I got more of a responce out that last comment than I did from the actual post. I wanted to see if there was an INTREST in starting up a static before actually doing all the work in setting one up. I really want to do one because they are fun and it gives people something fun to do while getting alittle something in return. I see very few people in-game anymore so I cannot just start talking to people while playing. and I know that alot of people look at this site because there is alot of good info here. (thanks Maior) And I am really sorry as I have never started my own static before and am not perfect so to the know how in starting one so I am really sorry if I offended anyone. but if someone wants to get with me I would still like to start one up. but right now I still need 3 more people.

no go

srry xill but as no one posts to this site any more I guess we are not going to get any free xp.
so maybe you can get in on maiors static or something. I just give up. so maior if you read this please just delete this thread or something. and I guess I will not post anything else on the site.


as no one posts to this site any more

Don't blame this site or the people who read it (which is a lot, I'm sure Sam could post you the traffic the site says) just because you couldn't get a static together after one post. This static coord forum works, there's already 3 steady statics that use it, but you have to work to make any static work. This forum is just a tool to be used by static members, if you can't build and coordinate a static yourself, don't go blaming it.


Site stats

Yeah, we do get an obscene number of visitors to the site (which is why I've recently added ads again). For those curious, the stats are online, but here's the current snapshot:

As you can see, in October, we actually averaged around 2435 visitors to the site each day. which isn't anything to sneeze at.

DK, honestly coordinating a static is REALLY hard work. You have to do a lot of footwork in the game before you can really expect to get much done in this forum. You can't just post something here and expect it to be the magic fix for some static you're lacking.

If you look at my current ENM static as an example, I actually spent a good month or so contacting people, trying to fill in spaces for my ENM static, before I ever posted here. Then, my first post resulted in a lot of discussion from interested parties and a lot of debate about time coordination. This debate continued in game, as well as in IRC for a week or so before we finalized on who was in the static as well as when it was. I then (finally) posted the "official" posting for the final static here.

So I had to do a lot of footwork outside of this forum before I could really finalize the details here. I suspect you'd have more luck if you check with good friends and people you can trust to do these in the game before posting here.

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I would like too!

After I got WHM to 30 I was going to start a Promy ENM static. But I could go get WHM and join do a weekly Promy ENM static. I could also bring BLM and SMN but would prefer WHM.


I thought I would be the first on to post on here to give an example.

EXP Static: Jobs 30+ rng sam war nin blm whm bst blu I would be interested in leveling these in a party.

Promy Static: I can bring rng sam war nin blm whm smn drk rdm drg bst blu. I am able to do this any night after 8:00 pm est except for Thuesday.

ENM Static: I have drk rdm smn drg at 50+ for these. and I have more at 40+ if we decide to do a lvl 40 one. I can do this any night after 8:00pm est except for Thursday.

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