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COP static
Submitted by dragonlance on Wed, 09/13/2006 - 02:39.

Over the summer I ran a COP static party comprised of:


We got up to mission 5-3

I said that we would start back up in september

Now with that being said we get to the problem(s):
1. When can everyone meet? (day/time)
I know that some members cannot meet at the old set time of Tuesday so we will have to pick a new day.
2. Also there are 7 of us, however a lot of the battles allow only 6 ppl but we need a variety of jobs.
3. Job Levels: some battles are uncapped and it would make it easier if your main job(s) are the highest they can be.
4. Doing these missions will require some pocket change.
5. Some of us are going to be in an ENM static.
6. More problems to come soon to a theater near you.

Add below with comments and when u can do missions.

Mission info and Helpful Links
COP mission info: ----

Tenzen battle ----
Airship battle ----
Ultima ----
Snoll ----

If u can find higher quality videos please replace the links and post those.

COP 5-3

Hi guys, I am currently also on Three paths and need all 3.i have all prerequisites done including the gold key, but still need to do the Pso Xia thing with the gargoyles. I can bring 75 WHM, 73 BST, or 70 THF to any of the 3. Thanks. Mynx

COP Static party is dead

COP Static party is dead until further notice. This does not mean that anyone cannot advance in COP on their own will. It just means that our static of 7 ppl is dead until further notice.


Well I am able to play from 7:30 pm central mon wed fri sat sun and I have no late time. I will stay till we are done.


I'll get Darkkit to drop by and post something. I see her online about three nights a week.

Maior's Times

Sorry it took so long to reply, I've been rather busy.

Okay, here's my available weekly times for a static:

  • M-Th : 6:30pm EDT - 9pm EDT start times. Honestly, as long as we fix on a single day, I can make it work.
  • Fri : Late-night (e.g., after 9pm EDT).
  • Weekends (Sat-Sun) : Not available. Honestly, my weekend playtime is so varied I can't commit to any more statics then. Some weekends I may be online the entire time. Others, I may not be able to get online at all.

Because of Cyc's work considerations, it really looks like the only day that will work out for everyone is Friday.

Vis Maior's Journeys


Darkkit and I actually showed up this Tuesday (earlier tonight), because we thought something CoP was going to take place. I suppose if you want uncapped jobs I need to get back to leveling - I was doing Maior's Sunday-grab-a-drake-scale-thing until my PC died. I don't play FFXI on Wednesday's, on Sunday's I was leaving right after Maior's drake scale run because of other things to do, so I remain reluctant to play FFXI into Sunday night.

Add to all this Maior is trying to start an ENM run and you want to join, I believe. So can you find two nights a week with the same set of folks free and available? I am not really sure.

Anyhow I am going to list my availability for your CoP run as Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat each and every week, toss in a possible Thursday if I put CoP ahead of Assaults. This availability is from 5:30pm Eastern to 11:00pm Eastern (and that is for a Start time). So that is five hours open on five nights, and that is to begin the run.

CoP Status

Vicius and Me are at the same mission at 5-3

Vicius BLM/MNK/RNG 75 also BLU +60
Beppop RDM/SMN 75

*The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path)
Doll --> Need

*Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path)
3 Mithras --> Done
Snoll --> Done

*Past Sins (Louverance's Path)
Bugbear --> Need

Regarding time we are at CST time zone.
Fridays after 6PM
Weekends Sat mornings/ Sunday mostly of day
We can schedule mission within week Tue/Wed

See ya space cowboy ^^v

This thread was in reference

This thread was in reference to Dragonlance's CoP Static, which he chooses not to run at the moment (to the best of my knowledge).

Are you proposing to start a new CoP Static, which you will lead? =^_^=

Members signing up for a CoP Static were given these two URL's, in order to be informed FFXI customers:

My CoP Status

My availability, in a word, sucks. BUT, I am taking some time off from work from 12/23 – 1/1. So, if anyone is interested in completing any CoP missions during that timeframe, I’m down.

In terms of my status, I really only need to fight the Snoll. However, I am more than willing to go back and complete missions that other folks may need.



I am now past the "Three Paths" mission. so if you wanted to get this started back up I am ready. Times are any night after 7 central except wed and thurs.

CoP Status update

First off, I feel extremely cheesy replying to my own thread, and yet I continue to type... I need a vacation. Seriously. Now. Right now.

I wrapped-up CoP 5-3 last night (see below). However, I would like to go back and repeat these missions. While I am NOT interested in leading missions up, I will gladly help out.

Any way, Avax heard some folks shouting for the Snoll fight last night, so I decided to join-up.


Well, we won the fight. In my opinion this is the most over-rated CoP fight (that I have experienced to date).

Our setup was: PLD/WAR, WAR/NIN, RDM/BLMx3 and BLM/WHM (me!).

We only had two salts. Our strat was simple; PLD goes in, vokes and 2 hours. As she 2 hour'ed, I use salt #1 (which by the way did not take 15 seconds to use; more like 6-8 seconds). As this salt wore off, she used salt #2.

As I was using the salt, the RDMs Chainspelled every Fire spell they had. Two of the RDMs used a Vile Elixir +1 as well

I then used Flare and Firega II and promptly DC'ed.

Any way, apparently our fight lasted 2 mins.

We can easily take this.


I will be out of town most of this time.

I *may* be around 27th-30th, but other than that, I'll be gone.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Same Availability as before,

Same Availability as before, though I am in the game less and less these days...
Mondays - available five hours
Tuesdays - available five hours
Thursdays - available five hours
Fridays - available five hours
Saturdays - available maybe nine hours

I am on CoP Mission 5-3,
I have finished none of the paths.

WHM 67 Windurst Rank 5
who PRESUMES that the developers of FFXI do not want me to purchase any more of the FFXI expansions since I never got the full story arc out of any of them.

I am slow but I finally hear you, Japanese developers, no more FFXI expansions for me! LOL! =^_^=

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