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Starting A new EXP static party. Any interest?
Submitted by mynx on Sat, 12/16/2006 - 13:54.

Hello Gang,

I want to start a static party solely for Experience points. The levels and job I have are 18 WAR, 29 RDM, 37 SMN, 38 BLM, or 41 NIN. I would be interested in taking any of these jobs up a few levels or all the way to level 75. Static could be almost any time during the next two weeks, but after the first of the year, I will be limited to 5:00-10:00 EST weekdays and all day or night weekends EST. Please let me know if you are interested and what level and jobs you have so we can coordinate something. Thanks! Mynx

Mid January Static

Hello, it looks like most of us would like to wait till mid january to start static, so i am going to repost around the 10th of January where we can decide what levels, what jobs and who would like to join a static. thanks Mynx

So I mentioned this Exp

So I mentioned this Exp Points Static to Avatarx and Darkkit since both are in the game quite a bit. I signed on and sure enough they were there.

Avatarx wanted to know what my availability was and I said: 5 hrs x 5 days (mon, tues, thurs, fri, sat).

Avatarx and Darkkit have both posted so I would hope we could get something going in January. Being FFXI I suppose I need to be understanding if it does not, yet again, quite seem to work out.

I looked at the times people

I looked at the times people were posting for Availability and I am seeing 8:30 Central on Friday and Saturday, each and every week, for three hours - or am I wrong?

For those individuals which have posted I think I am also seeing a starting level of 23 or 24 beginning in late January - or am I wrong?

I saw:

Level 23 for Puppet by late January should not be much of a problem, as long as I am not spending my time as WHM 67 trying to help power level other Static Members. If we go for a level 30 or level 31 starting level... sure, I have the time to help power level.

Static Grp

Hello Mynx, I have a Brd at 42.

Summoner lvl75- Avatar Power
Red Mage 74
Ninja 51
Paladin 48
Black M 44
Bard 42
Beast 40
Warrior 37
White Mage 56
Blue Mage 23


I am interested in doing this. I can play anytime after 7pm central tues sat sun or 8:30 mon and fri and can go untill we all pass out.
War 37@
mnk 6
blm 37*
whm 40@
thf 37@
pld 13@
drk 68
rng 40*
bst 30*
brd 24*
sam 39*
nin 37
drg 55
smn 66
blu 24
cor 16
pup 16

Those with an * I am very interested in lvling.
Those with an @ I am somewhat interested in lvling.
So tell me what you want and I can get the gear and lvl if needed.

I am more interested in a

I am more interested in a weekly CoP Static than a weekly Exp Static, but what the CoP Statics are missing at the moment is...
*** Someone willing to Lead ***

Folks like to pick on me because my main job is only WHM 67 but truthfully I was in an Exp Points Static and Darkkit and I were the ones who tended to show up over two months. I don't think I missed a single Static Night. The Static eventually fell apart because Darkkit and I got tired of making excuses to the others for the Static Leader, who often failed to show up (sometimes after getting into a fight with his gf/lover over FFXI).

My availability for an Exp Points Static is five hours of availabilty (eastern time zone) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I don't live in the game but I can shift this availability up to an ENDING TIME OF 1:30AM Eastern. I could also shift to START as early as 4:30PM Eastern.

I would prefer to start in January since Holiday agreements are fairly meaningless - just too much going on, for everyone.

Static jobs(in order)would be
WHM 67
SMN 30
PUP 13

For the above jobs I would hang around a Static for a while (several months, maybe a year) if everyone in the Exp Static would just show up. For SMN though I can tell you I am not going to track down the AF when the time comes, just going to go with Austere outfit. Also I don't have Fenrir; I don't have Diabolos.

I don't really know how to run PUP in a party, yet, so the other members would have to bear with me and tolerate my incompetence for a while (Maior probably does not have the personality for this). If we could agree on a static starting in January I could raise PUP several levels, if PUP was to be my job.

I lost track of what a good sub-job is for PUP, or more accurately I stopped reading about PUP when I decided the job was in serious need of some game updates (AF gear, weapon skills, etc.) A lot of those updates have appeared and now it seems that SE believes that PUP is equal to other jobs.

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