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Weekly EXP page static 2006-08-20
Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/14/2006 - 12:21.
  • When: Sunday, Aug. 20th, 2006 @ 6pm EDT
  • Where: {Gather Together} in Tavnazian Safehold with the pre-reqs done
  • Why: To get Pages from Miratete's Memoirs which grant EXP
  • How long: Last week it took around 2.5 hours. As we get better, this should take less than an hour.

Last weekend we had a beta run of an EXP page static. It was a resounding success (even if I did later on burn through my gained EXP in a failed Assault). It worked well enough that I'd like to do it again on a weekly basis. The time is still marginally open for debate (we haven't locked it down yet, although it did work fine last week).

There's two aspects of this EXP page thang. You should be on or past CoP 4-2: The Savage, or otherwise have access to Riverne - Site #B01 to be able to participate in this static. You also have to have at least started the San d'Orian quest Spice Gals.

The static consists of going to Riverne - Site #B01 and farming one (1) Giant Scale from the Drakes (Dragons) in the area. Last week we were able to do this easily with 3 people (THF, NIN, and BLM). After we have the one (1) scale, we then take everyone who is on or past the quest "Spice Gals" back to the island to obtain the quest item. This will be the official end of the static and everyone will be rewarded one EXP page from the quest.

The second aspect of this static is the un-official part. You should be on or past CoP 4-3: The Secrets of Worship, or otherwise have access to Sacrarium to participate in this. You also have to have at least started the next quest after Spice Gals, the Tavnazia quest Secrets of Ovens Lost.

This un-official part can be soloed, but those wishing to do it as a group can. This part involves sneaking into Sacrarium and finding a ??? inside one of the libraries. This part should not involve any fighting. People participating in this part should have the lowest form of fomor hate possible so they will only need to sneak past the bones and slimes in the first part of the zone.

These two quests grant pages from Miratete's Memoirs, which give 700-1500 EXP each.


Once again success!

We also farmed enough scales to do this 2 more times! So for the next two weeks, no scale farming!

Vis Maior's Journeys

Some food for thought

This is kinduv a limited exp page run, only accomplishable by those with access to the extended CoP areas, something to consider as an alternative for an exp page static is the bastok escort, its fairly easy and rewards you the same exp page.

Specifics -> To flag go to the Steaming Sheep Inn in Port Bastok, talk to the NPC's near the counter. One will tell you about olivia, to escort olivia proceed to CN, time limit is 30 min you escort her through different lvls of CN possibley ending in the room where scorpions aggro lvl 75's, but its really not that hard. Before Durraur discontinued play we used to static this with just Him gol and myself, and is capable of completing in as little as 7min or taking the whole 30min.

Recomended lvl 60+
Recomended jobs either a full pt setup, or a BST or BRD, maybe BLM

Idea behind BST, bst charms a pet and fights a crawler, he then heels his pet. and runs through the zone linking the rest of the crawlers, ideally what happens is after the pet dies, the rest of the crawlers de-pop, and the one you primarly attacked is left, charm and repeat.

Brd or blm method, goes through and sleep the mobs untill olivia reaches her destination, this is a little more risk but still very plossible.

The last method is a full pt clear, you desegnate someone as olivias bitch, they follow behind her and tell her to stop and go accordingly, the rest rush ahead and clear all threats.. this is the more time consuming option but still works out with the same end result.

The EXP page static is set

This is kinduv a limited exp page run, only accomplishable by those with access to the extended CoP areas

It was very easy last week, so we're doing it again. We were able to do it with 3 people, no fancy jobs or full party. Honestly, we could probably do it with only 2 (hell, I bet I could solo the Dragons as NIN, if I went all out on enfeebling them.)

I know it requires access to Riverne #B01, but this isn't a clan event, this is just a static (hence in the static forum). Thus, if someone isn't on or past the appropriate mission then I can't help them.

However, since these two quests are so very easy, and repeatable, I thought I'd open it up for anyone else who wanted them to join.

Compared to the bastok escort quest, or really any of the escort quests, this is just stupid easy.

Vis Maior's Journeys

ya i'll need to try it then

the olivia one is stupidly easy too, my post is just suggestions on what to do, but just about any person with half a brain could solo that one too, the time constraint is smaller on the olivia one so since you all tend to like to do static exp rather than party exp, you can do this with your promy enm? is that still going on? and this exp page too, thats pretty easy exp, around what about 12k + for maybe 2-3 hrs of work not too bad. pre-expansion, this might have been a better option than pting. Eh w/e.

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