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Weekly EXP Orb Static Starting
Submitted by sam on Wed, 08/09/2006 - 20:06.

Hey everyone, I'm starting up a weekly EXP Orb static.

The basic gist is we go, every week, and do two quests. Each quest gives a Page from Miratete's Memoirs, which is a Rare/EX item that grants between 750 and 1500 EXP. So, over the course of the static, we will get two of these orbs.

The static shouldn't take longer than maybe an hour, but it does require you to be on or past the CoP mission 4-3, The Secrets of Worship.

The two quests we need to do are:
Spice Gals
Secrets of Ovens Lost

Ultimately, the static will only need people to help with Spice Gals, as you need to fight Hippogryphs in Rivernne for it. The rest of these two can be soloed.

Anyone interested? We can do it with as little as two solid players, or as many as an Alliance.

More likely than not, the static will meet Sunday evening EDT (probably 6pm EDT), unless we can agree on a better day.


I would like in on this little adventure. maybe we can even do the fisherman one while we are out there.


not to burst your bubble, that one kinduv sucks ; ;, gl if you do attempt it tho ^^

If we can get six

If we can get six on Sundays for Drake Scale farming I am in as WHM. Are you talking about getting a cycle going? Say, for example, we do the Sunday quest/mission then farm scales into the evening for the next week's static run?


This forum is for static coordination, so yes, I am wanting to get a static going.

Since these two quests can be done once per week, we would just meet every week at the same time and farm scales.

Also, we don't need six people. We really only need a solid core of two or three with a NIN tank (har har). Honestly, the more we have, the longer it will take to farm these every week.

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Sign me up

I'm in!

However, we will need to fight dragons for drake scales (not hippos). These are a bit harder, but I am sure a solid two-three folks can take them.

For Secrets of Ovens Lost: PLEASE make sure you have low fomor hate. Fighting fomors in the ToAU areas does add to your overall hate... don't know that this will be an issue, just thought it was worth mentioning.

This raprot fellow

This raprot fellow - can't we have a small static late, late on Saturdays three times a month? I think once a month raprot is out of town, but it seems that we could do 3 runs a month and get raprot into the static. Now, if raprot failed to show up over several weekends we should then be free-of-any-obligation and can move the static to any night.

Just a suggestion.

I know I tend to show up for statics. I was there for the Tuesday static this week, but just Cyclonus and I were around (that I could see). My suspicion is I am showing up for a static that no longer exists (but I could be wrong).

This is not a CoP static post

This thread isn't about a CoP mission static, it is about a small EXP orb static for getting EXP orbs only. If Trix/Raprot wants a CoP mission static, he should start a thread of his own. As for DL's CoP static, again, this thread has nothing to do with that. DL's static is on hiatus while people are out of town.

Also, Tam, please don't promote posts from the "Static Coord", "Flames" or "Off-topic" forums to the front page. If you go back and read my site update post you'll see I actually said these three new forums are not to be placed on the front page.

The "Static Coord" forum in particular is not for clan events, but rather static party coordination among members in the clan. Thus, nothing from it should be on the front page.

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CoP Static

I never said anything about CoP Static for Raprot - you made that up and threw it in. I have no idea why.

I was asking did Raprot want to join a small Exp Static late Saturday nights? Why did I ask about late Saturday nights? - because Cyclonus is always telling us "I will be back late on Saturday." Seems to me that Sunday could easily be moved to late Saturday, but that is just my opinion.

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