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Experience Points Static
Submitted by Tamara on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 05:50.

Mynx suggested a clan Experience-Points-Static
so I asked around and am going to continue to organize such. Static is two nights a week, every week. You need to post to this thread your job if you are interested in joining.

People in the Static so far:
Darkkit - BRD at level 23 or level 24
Avatarax - BLU at level 23 or level 24
Tamara - PUP at level 23 or level 24
Mynx - Mynx started the ball rolling so there is slot reserved for her if she can make our little group's hours.

Static Nights:
Friday night for 3 or 4 hours (hopefully)
Saturday night for 3 or 4 hours (hopefully)
Plan to come online at 8:30PM Central Time U.S. of A. two nights a week.

First Night the Static will get together - January 26th, 2007 a Friday. This gives folks time to level their jobs to 23 or 24.

Happy Holidays and good adventuring in 2007! =^_^=

Friday, Jan 19 Update

*** Update ***

Came online at 8:30PM CENTRAL on Jan 19th and asked around:

Darkkit - still interested in Fri+Sat 8:30PM Exp Static, job is BRD, working on obtaining level 30
Avayr - absent, but Avayr mentioned he was working odd hours the next few weeks, should be available for static at level 30 (we will see, Avayr!)
Mynx - still interested in Fri+Sat 8:30PM Exp Static
Avatarx - missing in action, I sent a message to him as he is on my friends' list
Thersites - would like to join, but gosh, RL is such that he cannot commit to both a Friday and Saturday
Tamara - still interested, have level 30 SMN/15 WHM all ready
Xilldon - searched online for Xilldon, no such person online

So I chatted with seven folks and six are still interested (to the best of my knowledge)

Days for me to question/prod/power-level folks again...
January 20th 8:30PM Central
January 26th 8:30PM Central
January 27th 8:30PM Central

Some of you are likely wondering how this will work out - I am going to go with a static even if I can only get four people with level 30 jobs, if less than four show up on a regular basis I will probably drop the whole endeavor.

a *Happy 2007* to everyone!

a *Happy 2007* to everyone! =^_^=

I think it was Darkkit who pointed out to me that our Static was missing healing, so I am going to go as SMN/WHM and provide most (hopefully not all) healing.

I talked to Avayr this Monday (fourteen hours ago?), and he sounded interested. Said his job was in the low twenties. I know Darkkit and I were in a static with Avayr before where it seemed to work out okay with just five, essentially all you have to find is one person each night.

So here is what we are going to do - I have WHM at 67, so we (I) will start the static rolling by commencing this January 19 and 20 at 8:30PM central. Meeting place will be Spire Of Holla. If you can't make it don't worry, I am talking about Power-leveling until you have your chosen job up to an agreed-upon level. Right now that level is 30, though it could change. My SMN is at 30 already, you see, so I won't be running it for the first few meetings; just trying to help folks get to a level where we can group up on Fridays and Saturdays.

Remember, the goal is to have an Exp Static, with folks holding to mostly the same level for one job, which meets on Friday and Saturday nights.


Well I have WHM at 30 and if you guys start at 30 I would love to join.

can i play?

currently leveling nin. it's @ 17 .. but you guys know me.. hopefully i'll have it to 25 by then. btw, could i get some assistance with items such as and stuff? anyhow, i'm back. LOL.

Warrior leveled to 25

Hi, Finished leveling Warrior to 25 so I am ready to go on the static whenever everyone else is. Just give me a tell. Thanks! Mynx

I'm interested

Hello, I am interested. I will level my warrior up from 20 and join the static. Is it 23 or 25 then? I am currently at level 20. At 37 i will abandon this job but will have BLM or SMN available if needed. Thanks. see you all on the 29th. Mynx


We should just lvl these jobs to lvl 25 so we can go right to Kazham. it would just be easier all around. My BRD is lvl 24.5 right now and if we start in the island I will lvl and kill the xp for the rest of the pt. so it is only one or 2 more lvls so just something to think about.

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